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No Compromise - Melody Green - Bogormen
So many books, so little time.
No Compromise - Melody Green
Title: No Compromise - The Life Story of Keith Green
Author: Melody Green
Genre: Biography, non-fiction
Rating: 8/10
# pages: 330
Date read: May, 2008

Summary: Who better to tell Keith Green's story than the woman who shared his life and mission - his wife, Melody. At the time Keith and two of their children were killed in a tragic plane crash, Melody was pregnant and had a one–year-old child at home. She inherited Keith's musical legacy of published and unpublished songs and his private journals, which she has put together in this extremely personal biography of Keith.

Review: When I was 12-13 my uncle introduced me to Keith Green's music. I was completely blown away by it, and still consider it some of the best Christian music I've ever heard. It wasn't until several years later though, that I found this book and read about his fascinating, but unfortunately much too short, life. The title of the book is "No Compromise" and Keith really didn't make any compromises regarding what he believed. I don't always agree with his way of acting, but I can't help respect and being impressed by him.

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