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Seven for a Secret - Victoria Holt - Bogormen
So many books, so little time.
Seven for a Secret - Victoria Holt
Title: Seven for a Secret
Author: Victoria Holt
Genre: Romance
Rating: 7/10
# pages: 256
Date read: April, 2008

Summary: Tragedy brought young Frederica to the idyllic hamlet of Harper's Green. But as she grew from child to woman, she became powerless against her love for the enigmatic Crispin Tamarisk, and drawn more closely to his family's secrets and curses that seemed directed to her.

Review: I'll be the first to admit that Victoria Holt doesn't write great literature. Her stories are fluff - meant for entertainment and not much else. But so what? Once in awhile a bit of entertainment is all I really ask for in a book, and as such Seven for a Secret did a great job. The writing was tighter than I've seen in some of her other books and while somewhat contrived the plot wasn't altogether improbable and the ending very satisfactory.

It's not a book that'll leave a lasting impression on a reader, but if you need a bit of light literature to read by the pool or on a long plane ride, you could definitely do much worse than picking this one.

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