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Pope Joan - Donna W. Cross - Bogormen
So many books, so little time.
Pope Joan - Donna W. Cross
Title: Pope Joan
Author: Donna W. Cross
Genre: Historical fiction
Rating: 10/10
# pages: 462
Date read: April, 2008

Summary: One of the most controversial women of history is brought to brilliant life in Donn Woolfolk Cross's tale of Pope Joan, a girl whose origins should have kept her in squalid domesticity. Instead, through her intelligence, indomitability and courage, she ascended to the throne of Rome as Pope John Anglicus.

Review:I've always been very fond of historical novels, and Pope Joan is definitely one of my favourites. It still bugs me to see how badly Joan is treated, just because she's a girl, but I know it's appropriate for the age the story takes place in, and find it fascinating to read how she succeeds despite hardships of all kinds.

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