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Idlewild - Nick Sagan - Bogormen
So many books, so little time.
Idlewild - Nick Sagan
Title: Idlewild
Author: Nick Sagan
Genre: Dystopian
Rating: 3/5
# pages: 275
Date read: April, 2010

Set in the day after tomorrow, Idlewild opens as a young man awakes with amnesia: He cannot remember who he is and doesn't recognize anything around him-all he knows for sure is that someone is trying to kill him. Not certain whom he can trust, he becomes reacquainted with eight companions, all of whom are being trained at a strange school run by an enigmatic figure named Maestro. Working to uncover the identity of the person who has attempted to murder him, the young man quickly starts to unravel a series of truths, making it clear that much more than just his life is at stake.

In style somewhat like The Adoration of Jenna Fox in that we get a few pieces of the puzzle at a time, and have to work them together ourselves. That's where the similarities end though. Idlewild is a very dark dystopian book. I was fascinated and disturbed at the same time, and can't quite figure out if I actually liked the book or not. I think it falls into the "I'm glad I've read it, but I probably won't read it again"-category.

I've never been fond of non-endings, so that was a bit of a disappointment. I can see how it would fit the rest of the story, but still felt I was left with too many unanswered questions.

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