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The Thief - Megan Whalen Turner

Title: The Thief
Author: Megan Whalen Turner
Genre: Fantasy
Rating: 3.5/5
# pages: 280
Date read: February, 2010

The king's scholar, the magus, believes he knows the site of an ancient treasure. To attain it for his king, he needs a skillful thief, and he selects Gen from the king's prison. The magus is interested only in the thief's abilities.

What Gen is interested in is anyone's guess. Their journey toward the treasure is both dangerous and difficult, lightened only imperceptibly by the tales they tell of the old gods and goddesses.

A charming YA fantasy. I had it recommended to me as a pleasant comfort read, and it definitely fit the bill. It entertained me, and while it was perhaps not particularly thought-provoking, it managed to be straight-forward without being predictable. At one point I was afraid that too much of the book would be taken up by retelling the stories of the old Gods, but fortunately that turned out not to be the case. I still don't quite see the purpose of them, but it may have been to help set the stage for later books.

Small spoiler below:
I liked most of the twists and turns the story took, but have to admit that one of them I found somewhat unbelievable. Since the entire book was written in the first person, it seemed odd that he would keep a secret from the reader. Looking back, I don't think he ever directly lied to the reader - things were just left to be assumed, and I - as planned - made the wrong assumption. I do think it was a cheap trick to play, but as I was very satisfied by the result of the twist, I'll forgive the author for that one.
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