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Ulm - Nick Clausen - Bogormen
So many books, so little time.
Ulm - Nick Clausen
Title: Ulm
Author: Nick Clausen
Genre: Horror
Rating: 4/5
# pages: 154
Date read: February, 2010

12-year-old Peter has just moved from the city to the village Ulm together with his mother and older brother. The older brother has a hard time getting used to their new life, and misses their father dreadfully, but Peter quickly settles down and makes friends with his class-mate Amalie.

But there's something strange about the village... whenever he's out after dark, it feels as if someone - or something - is after him. A creature that growls at him, and that has large, glowing eyes. Peter's starting to think that it resembles a wolf more than anything else, except that it's far too big... and there's no such thing as werewolves, right?

An exciting new ya thriller by this Danish author. I've been very pleasantly surprised by his books so far, and while I was a bit disappointed by the ending (or non-ending rather, which is what bothered me. But he's in good company - I've discovered that Stephen King is likely to do the same), the book in general was a great read and will probably be even more popular among his targeted audience than his debut.

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