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The Book With No Name - Anonymous - Bogormen
So many books, so little time.
The Book With No Name - Anonymous
Title: The Book With No Name
Author: Anonymous
Genre: Suspense, paranormal
Rating: 5/5
# pages: 380
Date read: January, 2010

For many centuries the shelves of a library in South America held a terrible secret. Sitting on these shelves was a book with no name, written by an anonymous author. Everyone who ever read it ended up dead, yet the book always found it's way back to the library. In 2005 a special government investigator uncovered the truth about the book and it's link to the murders. Now available in paperback, you can discover for yourself the reason why no one ever read the book and lived, until now...

I saw this book on Amazon during a random browsing, and was so completely intrigued by the premise that I just had to read it. Thankfully the library had it, so I didn't have to wait too long :)

I've heard it described as a Quentin Tarantino style book, and I would have to agree. There are a lot of similarities to "From Dusk Till Dawn", both in plot and in style which makes for a very fascinating page-turner. And don't be mislead - it's just as bloody (in less graphic detail, thankfully), so don't assume anybody is safe, just because they seem a major character.

The story is told from several different POV, which works quite well in providing the reader with the full pictures... well, as full as we're allowed to get anyway. There are some questions left unanswered, that I assume will be picked up in the sequel.

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