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Immortal Warrior - Lisa Hendrix

Title: Immortal Warrior
Author: Lisa Hendrix
Genre: Paranormal
Rating: 9/10
# pages: 352
Date read: November, 2008

Review: In "Immortal Warrior" we're sent back to England at the start of the last millennium. Ivo, Brand and Ari are slowly learning to live with the hideous curse an evil witch cast upon them a century before. They have to live half as man, half as beasts, in an age where any discovery of such witchcraft would have them all captured by the church and burned as demons at the stake. A fate that would be worse for them than for most, as they'd cursed with immortality as well, but could still feel pain.

Ivo is now faced with a new challenge as his king has ordered him to marry - but how to live with a wife without risking discovery... and destruction.

Lady Alaida is headstrong and not at all satisfied with being forced to marry just so that the king can gain control over her family's castle. However, she soon discovers that Ivo is nothing like her earlier suitors, and that she could be very happy together with him... if only he didn't disappear off to go hunting with Brand before dawn every morning.

"Immortal Warrior" is the first book in a very promising new Paranormal Romance series. I picked it up one rainy afternoon, and had to force myself to put it down in order to at least get some sleep before work the next day. The characters are believable and the plot captivating... even if I did find myself thinking "Just TELL her already! She can cope!" with increasing frequency.

My one problem with the book is the seemingly gratuitous sex scenes. While steaming hot and in some ways necessary to further the plot, they did occasionally appear out of character and anachronistic. Still, the rest of the book was so amazing that I can easily forgive Lisa Hendrix this one indulgence.

I've hugely enjoyed the book and am already looking forward to getting my hands on the next in the series, because while Lisa Hendrix very nicely tied up the events of this plot, there are still other threads left to explore.

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Tags: 2008: november, paranormal

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