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Singularity - Bogormen
So many books, so little time.
Title: Singularity
Author: William Sleator
Genre: YA, sci-fi
Rating: 9/10
# pages: 176
Date read: January 2007, July 2009, February 2014

Summary: Sixteen-year-old twins Harry and Barry stumble across a gateway to another universe, where a distortion in time and space causes a dramatic change in their competitive relationship. (From Barnesandnobles.com)

Review: This was one of my favourite books as a child, and I still adore it. Harry and Barry discover that the garden shed in their grand-uncle's garden hides a place where time works differently. One night outside corresponds to an entire year inside. Harry is sick and tired of Barry always acting as if he's older, so he decides to stay in there for a night, so he'll end up being a year older than his twin.

The fascinating thing about the book is not as much the plot itself, as it is the descriptions of how Harry keeps himself physically and mentally fit during his year of solitude.

I read this book in one sitting and was so totally immersed in it, that when I looked up from it, I was almost surprised to find that less than an hour had gone by, and I wasn't stuck in some kind of timewarp myself.

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