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Chosen - PC & Kristin Cast - Bogormen
So many books, so little time.
Chosen - PC & Kristin Cast
Title: Chosen (House of Night #3)
Author: PC and Kristin Cast
Genre: Paranormal, YA
Rating: 2.5/5
# pages: 249
Date read: April, 2010

Zoey's mettle is tested like never before. Her best friend, Stevie Rae, is undead and struggling to maintain a grip on her humanity. Zoey doesn't have a clue how to help her, but she does know that anything she and Stevie Rae discover must be kept secret from everyone else at the House of Night, where trust has become a rare commodity.

Speaking of rare: Zoey finds herself in the very unexpected position of having three boyfriends. Mix in more than a little forbidden desire to the equation and the situation has the potential to spell social disaster of massive proportions. Then, vampyres start turning up dead. Really dead. It looks like the People of Faith, and Zoey's horrid step-loser in particular, are tired of living side-by-side with vampyres. But, as Zoey and her friends find out, things are not always what they seem...

Gah, the further I get into this series, the more I just want to take Zoey and shake some sense into her! Her actions and dishonestly really bothered me while reading this book. I was fascinated by the plot and wanted to see what happened next, but at the same time I was disgusted by Zoey's behaviour. She's one of the most unlikeable Mary Sues I've ever encountered.

Also, I'm getting less and less fond of Zoey's original friends, and am starting to like Aphrodite more and more. Didn't think that would happen after her actions in the first books!

Hopefully the next book will be less focused on Zoey's boy-issues and we'll actually get some proper action. I'm too drawn in by the over-all arc to abandon it now, but I am getting tired of Zoey's sex-craze.

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